preserving open space in ulster county
to benefit present and future generations


This conservation easement was donated by the Phillies Bridge Farm Project, Inc. in 2003 to protect valuable soils, wetlands, woods, and the rural character of Gardiner. The agreement was co-held by the Wallkill Valley Land Trust and its partner the Open Space Institute, as of 2015 it is now solely stewarded by the Wallkill Valley Land Trust.

The Phillies Bridge Farm Project is a not-for-profit working farm with a mission to promote local sustainable agricultural, provide CSA shareholders with organically grown vegitables, to share a portion of the harvest with people in need (Food Justice Programs), and to educate children about the sources of healthy food and the study of nature. Visit their website to learn more:


In December 1992, the Wallkill Valley Land Trust received the donation of the Finn Easement from Anne and Bill Finn. This eight and a half acre property in Gardiner runs along the Shawangunk Kill.  The fields and habitat are preserved, which are important for water quality and wildlife protection. 


The Greene Easement, the first easement completed by the Land Trust, was donated by Trina Greene in June 1989. It is a seven-acre parcel in Gardiner along the Wallkill River. It provides lovely views and protects both habitat and water quality. Trina shared with WVLT that she wanted to make sure the property remained forever wild, which it will thanks to her donation. 


The Katz–Hollander Easement was donated by Joe Katz and Sue Hollander in August 1995. It preserves 65 acres of fields and woods in Gardiner. This includes almost half of a new meadow with a stream running down the middle that used to be Hedden's Lake until the dam broke.


This conservation easement, protecting 69 acres of working farmland and woods with much frontage along the Wallkill River, was donated by Vals Osborne in 2004. This is part of the property bought years ago by her father. Vals Osborne joined the Wallkill Valley Land Trust Board in 2014 and now leads our annual Historic House Tour (Houses on the Land) event.