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The Rosendale Trestle Parking Lot
(also Parking for the Rosendale Section of the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail) is located at Binnewater Road in Rosendale, NY.

 Where is the best place to park?

The closest  (and most available and most legal) place to park near the Rosendale Trestle is on Binnewater Road in Rosendale. We do not recommend parking at Saint Peter's Church.

  • From Main Street, Rosendale (St. Route 213), travel West (under the Trestle).
  •  Make a Right (caution: this is a sharp turn) onto Binnewater Road.
  •  Binnewater Kiln Parking Lot will be about 1/3 mile up the road, on the Left.
  • Once out of your car, use the crosswalk to access the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail.
  • Make a Right onto the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail and walk (or bike) 1/3 mile down to the Trestle.

 What's the best way to get there on foot/by bicycle?

There are a few ways to get to the Rosendale Trestle on foot/by bicycle:

  • Of course, from the North or South, access is encouraged by way of the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail,
  • From Rosendale Main Street and Shops-Walk West along Main Street and make a Left onto Keator Avenue. Cross over the Rondout Creek and make a Right just before the School at Saint Peter's Church. Travel along the the Rondout Creek via the Connector Trail. Click Here for More About the Connector Trail.